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NFL Roundup, Week 4: Who Are the League’s Best and Worst Teams so Far?

Since the replacement officials are off of the field, we can finally forget about the mockery that was the first three weeks of the NFL season. This weekend provided plenty of well-officiated action, as each team worked to either continue their dominance or right the ship of their already poor seasons.

The Big Game

Rivalry games always provide plenty of entertainment.  But a Sunday night matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles (3-1) and the New York Giants (2-2) is a recipe for something special. While the two teams started slowly, the pace quickly picked up in the second half. The Eagles were able to score a go-ahead field goal with 1:49 left on the clock – plenty of time for another Eli-led comeback.

With the Giants driving, and aided with two defensive pass interference calls, it seemed inevitable that New York would come out on top. Attacking Eagles’ cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, the Giants threw another deep pass, but the ball was underthrown, and offensive pass interference was called. Only 11 seconds remained on the clock, and Tom Coughlin—fittingly, in a bizarre, Andy Reid-esque manner—called on Lawrence Tynes to attempt a 58-yard field goal on only third down. After one icing attempt, Tynes’ kick looked spot on but ultimately fell short, giving the Eagles the win by a score of 19-17.

Who is the best team in the league?

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