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From the Sidelines: Meredith Cox

Field Hockey Needs a Field

Most of you probably have never seen this complex, but it’s where our current field hockey team plays their home games, at the University of Maryland. With their current record of 0-14, maybe there is something more than just lack of skill or better competition. Maybe our field hockey team never has the so-called “home field advantage”. Our Lady Hoyas have been playing their home games the past two years at Maryland. I spoke with senior Dee Crovo, who has experienced this lack of a home field for both these years.

“We used to play on top of Yates, but Yates’ turf started to get holes in it and became very dangerous. The administrators at Yates didn’t want to be liable for the injuries of other schools’ players so therefore they decided to deem the Yates turf unsafe,” Dee told me.

Dee was here when the field hockey team played on top of Yates. I asked her is there was a difference in playing at the two different locations and if this might be the cause of their unfortunate season.

“I definitely feel that if we had a field there would be better team morale in general,” she said. “Also, it’s like every game is an away game even if it really is a ‘home’ game. Even on a good day it’s a 45 minute commute. On the other hand, at least we have somewhere to play. Some teams don’t even have any field to play on. When I was able to play on campus my freshman and sophomore years there were definitely more people at the games besides just our parents and an occasional boyfriend. We definitely can feel a difference because we really don’t have many fans.”

The field hockey team needs turf to play on, but this is very hard to come up with in such a compact campus as Georgetown. What are some of the plans for the future? Dee told me that to be able to have a turf field on campus the university would have to build a whole new Yates and re-turf the top. There have been hypothetical plans to buy land close by in Virginia and build a field there. Also, the university was thinking about sharing turf with Georgetown Visitation. Dee also said that for next year there has been talk as to playing the home games at American University so that the commute was much shorter.

If anyone is interested in taking a short trek to Maryland in order to support our field hockey team, their final home game and also their senior day is this Sunday, Oct. 26 beginning at 12 p.m. Any takers?